Long Table and Restoration of an Oak Savannah, Beaches, Toronto

Recognizing the unique qualities of an oak forest next to the bike path, boardwalk and shore of Lake Ontario, The Friends of the Beach Parks envisions a restoration of the savannah landscape, with planting of resilient species, as well as a pathway, bent willow low fence and communal table made from raw edge, locally harvested wood. Discussions with City of Toronto Forestry, and Parks & Rec are ongoing. 

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Community Fireplace

In partnership with the City of Toronto Parks & Recreation Department, local City Councillor McMahon, the Friends of the Beach Parks established the Kew Community Fireplace - the first of its kind in Toronto. Volunteer firelighters take turns during the winter season to chop wood, light the fire and invite passersby to the warmth.

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Open Air Reading Room 

In partnership with the Toronto Public Library in the Beaches, the Friends of the Beach Parks - inspired by the open air reading room at Bryant Park in NYC - ignited the idea to have books placed beyond the walls of the public library. Visitors are invited to sit at cafe tables to enjoy reading outside.